The Room is perhaps the greatest thing mankind has ever achieved in its roughly 200,000 years upon this planet. On this matter, there can be absolutely no debate.


How does one sum up pure genius? One doesn't. One merely hopes to provide a glimpse, a brief, shimmering glance at something so breathtaking, that the sight of god would pale in comparison. Some momentary, fleeting flicker of sensation vaguely approximating a sort of rebirth of the soul. This, my friends, is The Room. To synopsize it couldn't possibly do it justice...but we must try. Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) loves Lisa (Juliette Danielle). Lisa doesn't love Johnny, but uses him for money and security. This is tearing Johnny apart. Lisa actually loves Mark (Greg Sestero). Mark I guess? Denny loves drugs and watching Johnny make love to Lisa's thigh and stomach. Lisa's mother definitely has breast cancer. Oh, and there's a guy named Chris-R, who's Denny's drug dealer. What's with the hyphenated 'R'? We may never know. Such are the mysterious Ways of Wiseau.



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Trailer The Room

Trailer The Room